Rune stone Gs9, L1950:5257 in Årsunda parish
Also known as 'Årsundastenen'
Rune inscription
Below is the English translation of this rune inscription.
"Ônundr(?), 's son, in memory of ... ... in memory of Þorgeirr, his brother and Guðelfr, his mother, and in memory of Ásbjôrn and ."
Geographic location of this rune stone
The rune stone is located in Årsunda parish in the Sandviken municipality (Gävleborg county). This is in central Sweden.
Facts about this rune stone
Description Content
Object: Rune stone
Remnant ID: L1950:5257
Swedish National Heritage Board ID: Årsunda 12:1
Swedish rune inscription ID:
Trade mark: Gs 9
Name: Årsundastenen
Material type: Stone
Material: Red gävle-sandstone
Runemaster: Balle (A); Livsten (A)
Current status: Confirmed on location
Damage status: Damage
Latitude: 60.522229
Longitude: 16.740281
County: Gävleborg
Municipality: Sandviken
Parish: Årsunda
Location: Årsunda kyrka
Swedish National Heritage Board information: