Rune stone Sm35, L1954:3012 in Ljungby parish
Also known as 'Replösastenen'
Rune inscription
Below is the English translation of this rune inscription.
"Gautráðr made these monuments in memory of Ástráðr, his father, the best of kinsmen and Þegns, who formerly was in Finnheiðr."
Geographic location of this rune stone
The rune stone is located in Ljungby parish in the Ljungby municipality (Kronoberg county). This is in southern Sweden.
Facts about this rune stone
Description Content
Object: Rune stone
Remnant ID: L1954:3012
Swedish National Heritage Board ID: Ljungby 28:1
Swedish rune inscription ID:
Trade mark: Sm 35 $
Name: Replösastenen
Material type: Stone
Material: Fine-grained reddish gneiss with tydliga elements of pegmatite
Current status: Confirmed on location
Damage status: Not damaged
Latitude: 56.847828
Longitude: 13.974693
County: Kronoberg
Municipality: Ljungby
Parish: Ljungby
Location: Replösa
Swedish National Heritage Board information: