Rune-inscribed boulder U687, L1942:6554 in Skokloster parish
Rune inscription
Below is the English translation of this rune inscription.
"Rúna had the landmark made in memory of Spjallboði and in memory of Sveinn and in memory of Andvéttr and in memory of Ragnarr, sons of her and Helgi/Egli/Engli; and Sigríðr in memory of Spjallboði, her husbandman. He died in Holmgarðr in Ólafr's church. Œpir carved the runes."
Geographic location of this rune-inscribed boulder
The (U687) rune-inscribed boulder is located in Skokloster parish in the Håbo municipality (Uppsala county). This is in southern Sweden.
Facts about this rune-inscribed boulder
Description Content
Object: Rune-inscribed boulder
Remnant ID: L1942:6554
Swedish National Heritage Board ID: Skokloster 14:1
Swedish rune inscription ID: U687
Trade mark: U 687
Material type: Stone
Material: Gneissgranite
Runemaster: Öpir 1 (S)
Current status: Confirmed on location
Damage status: Unknown
Latitude: 59.711814
Longitude: 17.57379
County: Uppsala
Municipality: Håbo
Parish: Skokloster
Location: Sjusta
Swedish National Heritage Board information: